Google Domains shutting down: What it means for the users and other details

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Google is shutting down its domain name registrar service, Google Domains, and Squarespace will acquire its assets. Squarespace has entered into an agreement with Google to acquire the Google Domains business, which will eventually be phased out. This acquisition includes approximately 10 million domains hosted on Google Domains belonging to millions of customers.

As part of the agreement, Squarespace has committed to keeping the current renewal prices for Google Domains customers for at least a year after the transaction is finalized. They will also offer incentives to encourage customers to create websites using Squarespace and utilize its other services. During the migration process, Squarespace will use Google’s infrastructure to ensure a seamless transfer of domains.

Matt Madrigal, vice president and general manager of Google Merchant Shopping, stated that the acquisition aims to support a smooth transition for customers and that Squarespace can provide an integrated experience for purchasing and managing domains, as well as other necessary tools for building an online presence.

For current Google Domains customers, there are no immediate changes to their accounts, and no action is required. After regulatory approvals and the completion of the transaction, customers will become Squarespace customers, and Squarespace will eventually own and manage their domains. If there are any additional steps needed, Squarespace will directly contact the customers.

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