WhatsApp is releasing a screen-sharing feature for iPhone users

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WhatsApp has recently introduced the screen-sharing feature for Windows users, and now they are extending it to iPhone users as well. According to a report by WABteaInfo, WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to share screens during video calls. Beta testers on iOS can access this new feature by installing the latest WhatsApp beta version, specifically version

So how does the screen sharing feature work? If the feature is enabled on your WhatsApp account, you will notice a new icon at the bottom of the screen during a video call. This option allows you to share the content of your screen with everyone on the call. When you use this feature, everything on your screen, including notifications, will be recorded and shared remotely with the people currently connected to the video call.

The report emphasizes that users have complete control over this functionality. While the screen content is continuously transmitted during the video call, individuals have the ability to stop the process whenever they wish. It is important to note that this feature can only be activated with the consent of the user who wants to share their screen.

Another recent addition to WhatsApp is the “Call back” button, which aims to make missed calls more noticeable. An online report revealed that this feature appears within an event message when a call goes unanswered and is available after installing one of the latest WhatsApp beta versions for Windows from the Microsoft Store.

According to WABteaInfo, the “Call back” button will be visible next to the event message generated when a call is missed on WhatsApp. With just a single tap, users can conveniently return the missed call using this button.

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